What Working From Home Sometimes Looks Like

When I started working from home, I had a vision. It looked a lot like days at the local farmer’s market, doing arts and crafts with Lil, afternoon visits to the swimming pool in our complex, and being the queen of housekeeping, coupon clipping, meal planning, and having a home that reflected tranquility, creativity and and order.

But this is the reality:


It’s not tranquil or orderly. Most days it looks like a tornado blew through while we were eating our PB&Js. I found chocolate covered pretzels under the couch that I don’t even remember eating, let alone buying. A lot of the time, I’m working while Lily busies herself with….all of the things you see above. We’re a bit wild over here, but I’m finding that I like it that way. I’m not a fashion blogger or a home tidying advice blogger. The weekly meal plan hanging on my fridge is over 6 weeks old. And I won’t pretend that I have it all together, ever.

None of us do.

And that’s ok.

Farmer’s markets and sundresses and baskets of flowers and fresh produce? Sure, it’s a nice thought. We might have one day like that this summer, picture perfect and wonderful and you bet I’ll throw that up on Instagram in a snap. But this here is the every day. Most homes don’t look like what you see out there in the blogosphere. And what I’m finding is that there is just as much creativity and inspiration in the mess.

You just have to be open to making it a part of your life.

The blue comforter on the floor? Maybe it should be folded up in a closet upstairs. But it’s Lil’s “pool”. And she jumps into it and “splashes” and throws herself around on the floor in a fit of giggles.

The pile of papers under my desk is Lily’s “office”, where she helps me with work.

She builds castles out of blocks in between changing her baby doll’s diapers and running outside to go headfirst down her slide or say hello to the neighbors.

So while it’s easy to look at that picture and think “What a messy home”, know that it’s full of creativity, play, imagination and fun. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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