Meet Shannon

18424241_971136612734_2280288417850916809_nA New England girl to the core, I live for summers by the ocean, bowls of fresh clam chowder, camping, and surprising people when I pronounce words with proper “R”s in place. I am a photographer, artist and writer with a love for comfy pants, big mugs of hot cocoa (with whipped cream, obviously), and spending time with my family. I love picking up and going on adventures, but am also a homebody who enjoys her couch and blanket nests.

Don’t Stop Believin’ was my go-to karaoke song before it was everyone else’s.

I love writing about life, parenting, wifing (wife-ing?), being an artist, things that inspire me, mom confessions, and a wide assortment of other topics. I’m horrible at scheduling and staying organized, but am always optimistic that someday I’ll wake up and have my shit together.

What’s in a name?

A Life Full of Color is a line from a favorite song by Carbon Leaf, The War Was in Color. The idea that behind every photograph is a living person, a story, love and grit. I’m constantly inspired to share photos and the stories behind them, adding dimension and color to the story of our lives.

I hope you grab a cup of coffee (or wine in a sippy cup, I don’t judge) and join me on our  journey.